Noka Tsi (Cree, Haida, Gitksan)


(b. 1982, Cree, Haida, Gitksan)

Corey Larocque’s lineage dates to the original 7 Sisters of the Tongas Island Haida on his mother’s side, and to the Gitxsan Bear clan on his father’s. Larocque began making art at a very young age copying line form from his grandfather’s bentwood boxes. In his late 20s, Corey was mentored by celebrated artist Beau Dick and inspired by the works of Russell Smith, Wayne Alfred, and Marcus Alfred. Today, Corey’s foundation in the native art form stems from his use of raw materials including cedar, alder, yew and working in metalsmithing with silver, copper, gold with engraving and repousse. Central to Corey’s world is the Potlatch; the traditional ceremony where spiritual regalia is considered the highest expression of North West Coast native art. In the 2015 potlatch, Corey received the named Noka Tsi from Chief Marcus Alfred, meaning “big heart”.

Available Work

Dzunukwa Geekum Mask


Red Cedar, Graphite, Finished with Horse Hair,

19.5 x 15 x 8”


Spirit Bear


Red Cedar, Oxidized Pigment, Cedar Bark, Bear Fur,

20 x 29 x 6”


Pookmis Mask


Red Cedar, Pigment, Rope, Elk Hide,

13 x 22 x 8”


Potlatch Dance Mask


Cedar, Acrylic Paint, Hair,

15 x 23 x 10"


Ghost Pookmis Mask


Cedar, Acrylic Paint, Cedar Bark, Feathers,

28 x 33 x 8”